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Front Range Climbing Company Groups/Teambuilding

While in Washington DC last week, the students were sitting with some of the top ministers in the Nigerian embassy and they were asked to share their favorite part of being in the US and several of them commented about rock climbing with FRCC and the ministers were not only surprised but thoroughly impressed with the courage and enthusiasm these students shared about the experience.

Use strategy, cooperation, communication and teamwork to get effciently to the top!

Whether you are an experienced climber or have never been climbing before, your group will have a great time with the experienced guides of Front Range Climbing Company! Front Range Climbing Company can help take your group to the next level. FRCC groups offer many great activites such as:

Group Climbing Classes

Corporate Team Building

Group activities for Boy & Girl Scout (kids of all climbing abilities)  

Equipment provided

Boy Scout Merit Badge Program

Front Range Climbing Company offers Rock Climbing Merit Badge courses. The course will meet the climbing criteria set forth by the BSA and each scout that passes the course will have his blue card signed on site. Our merit badge instructors have logged countless hours working with BSA policies and procedures in order to give the scouts the best experience possible. When researching merit badge programs make sure the guide/instructor is current under the BSA organization or the signature will not be valid. Please feel free to contact FRCC for a list of current registered BSA merit badge instructors.

Team Building (Corporate)

FRCC's adventure based team building programs are designed to build your groups leadership skills, teamwork, and personal effectiveness. Your group will experience the powerful adventure activities that deliver improved communication, cooperation, heightened employee satisfacation, greater enthusiasm, and loyalty. We are highly experienced in creating and delivering a wide variety of interactive training solutions that strengthen human resources.

Client list encludes:

Price Waterhouse Cooper


Girl Scouts of America

Unites States Olympic Committee

Broadmoor Hotel

Colorado State University

University of Northern Colorado

Direct TV

Ford Motor Company

U.S Army

U.S Airforce Acadamy

Groups & Parties

Want to plan an outdoor activitiy for a large group or party? FRCC offers the best group and party planing activities. We will take you and your group to new heights. From rappeling and rock climbing to a fully catared lunch on the rocks. FRCC offeres exactly what your looking for in adventure.

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RESERVATIONS: Please call ahead for rates and reservations 1-719-632-5822