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Front Range Climbing Company offers climbing trips for climbers of all abilities. For the more seasoned ice climber, Front Range Climbing Company also offers classes and trips to White River National Forest. The ice falls on these trips are much higher and longer than the ice on the local trips. This ice is some of the best on Colorado and requires extra drive time and more than beginner level skill. Please call for pricing and availability.

What you will learn

• Acquire an understanding of ice climbing technique, equipment and safety

• Knots and belaying

• Proper hand, rope and gear placement

• Become skilled at the basics or setting top ropes for ice climbing

What does the class include?

•Fun, excitement and Adventure!

•Half day class: 4-5 hours, includes setup and cleanup time.

•Full Day: 6-7 hours, includes time for an hour lunch, setup and cleanup time.

•FRCC certified professional instructors

• All equipment: ropes, boots, harness, crampons, etc.  

•All climbing will be age/skill level appropriate

•On most occasions, a short hike to and from climbing site

What to bring/pack?

• Comfortable shoes and clothes for the weather

• Sun protection

• Some food to keep you fueled

• Water, 2 to 3 quarts is recommended

Do you have more questions about rock climbing?

Visit our Climbing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Contact Us.

Cooped up in the climbing gym and want to get OUT during the winter months? Our ice climbing classes are perfect for you! Available in 1/2 day and full day sessions, increase the range of your climbing skills by taking this specialized instruction.

FRCC - Colorado

1/2 Day Prices (4 Hr.):

• 1 Person: $240

• 2 People: $195/each

• 3 People: $150/each

• 4 People: $120/each


Full Day Prices (6 Hr.):

• 1 Person: $350

• 2 People: $285/each

• 3 People: $240/each

• 4 People: $210/each


*Groups of more than 4, please email or call for a quote. Contact Us

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