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About Us

“Our success comes from operating every trip the way Brian would”

Started in 2001 by Brian Shelton, Front Range Climbing Company (FRCC) is Colorado’s largest and most experienced climbing guide service. FRCC teaches more people to rock climb than any other guiding company in Colorado.

Front Range Climbing Company is the oldest and most experienced climbing guide service in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region! Our history of rock climbing at the Garden of The Gods and North Cheyenne Cañon goes back more than 45 years.

Since 2001, Front Range Climbing Company has grown to include climbing areas throughout Colorado, and provides guided climbing adventures up the iconic desert towers of Utah.

Our experienced guides, including some of America’s foremost climbers like Jimmie Dunn, Bob D’Antonio, and Stewart M. Green, ensure that you have a safe and fun experience.

Our friendly and experienced guides provide a safe environment for all levels of climbers, especially those new to the sport of climbing.

Our Principles

Reflect Our Core Values

Tradition, Experience, Integrity, Stewardship

Develop The Climber

Our goal is not to create clients that are dependent upon our guides, but to teach our clients to be competent climbers so that they can enjoy the sport on their own with others.

Climbing Ethics

The ethics of climbing are deeply rooted within our philosophy.

These ethics are the root to how we view the sport, how we climb, and how we do business.