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Moab Canyoneering

Fully private tours, no matter the size of your group

Best Canyoneering Tours in Moab, UT

Join Front Range Climbing Company for canyoneering tours in Moab, UT.  All our Moab canyon tours are fully private, no matter the size of your group. We offer Canyoneering tours of Moab for anyone from beginners to experienced climbers.

Medieval Chamber Slot Canyon
The Medieval Chamber, also called Morning Glory, is a 3.5-mile-long slot canyon in Moab with some magnificent rappels, culminating with a double-rope rappel off the Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

Entrajo Canyon
Entrajo Canyon, also called Cluster Canyon, is Moab canyoneering at its best. Entrajo offers great views, canyon features, and fun pothole pools. Both experienced canyoneers and first-timers will have a great desert adventure descending this cool Moab canyon.