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Independence Monument

Quick Details

Single Climber
Group of 2 Climbers
Group of 3 Climbers
Group of 4 Climbers

45 minute hike, 4 pitches 5.9 crux at the summit

What to Bring

Water FRCC highly recommends bringing 2 quarts (2-3 Liters) of water.
Food (Snacks / Lunch) Along with the water, keeping your body fueled throughout your trip will let you focus on climbing and not your stomach. Food a simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to high tech energy bars will keep you going throughout your trip.
Small Backpack A small backpack will allow you to carry your food, water, and other items you will need for the day. A backpack versus a handbag will let you freely use your hands while moving around the climbing areas.
Sneakers / Approach Shoes / Chaco Sandals ™ Most of the climbing areas require a slight hike from the parking area to reach your climbs. FRCC suggests a pair of sturdy sneakers, approach shoes, or Chacos™ to safely get you to the climbs. You can call our office or ask your guide if your footwear will be appropriate for your climbing destination.
Sunscreen The sun can be intense at all of our climbing locations. FRCC recommends bringing sunscreen to prevent sunburns and other potential sun related issues.
Sunglasses [optional] Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun throughout the day.
Camera [optional] Pictures will help you remember your trip. If you have a camera, bring it along and snap away.
Rain Jacket Summer thunderstorms can occur at any time in Colorado. A light rain jacket will keep you dry in the event of rain.