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Garden of the Gods

An experience like no other!

Quick Details

  • Half Day: 4 hours
  • Full Day: 6 hours
  • Tailored to any skill level
  • Options for climber groups of two or more are available
Single Climber (Half Day)
Single Climber (Full Day)

The Garden of the Gods, one of Colorado Springs’ city parks, is a marvel to the eye and the soul. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971, the history of climbing is deeply rooted in the rock walls that soar toward the sky. Offering climbing for all skill levels, the Garden of the Gods is an exceptional location to rock climb, and there is no better way to experience the wonder of this amazing park than from its towering rock formations.

Half-Day Colorado Springs Rock Climb

The four-hour “Vertical Limit” climbing trip offers lots of climbing, and is tailored to any skill level for beginner through advanced climbers. Learn basic rock climbing skills, including equipment, knots, belaying, descending, and climbing movement.

Climb four to six routes around the Garden and cap your day off with an exciting rappel! Have a certain climb you want to do at the Garden? Remember that our four-hour trips can be custom-tailored to make your own climbing adventure.

Full-Day Garden of the Gods Rock Climb

Our six-hour Garden of the Gods trip gives you the opportunity to summit the formations of the park, practice rappelling, and master the techniques the guide teaches you.

Pick from a variety of itineraries or let us help you create your own. Just let us know what you want to do and we’ll accommodate your climbing needs. You can climb lots of routes on the cliffs or work your way up all the small towers, including sheer Montezuma Tower, The Three Graces, and Easter Rock.

What to Bring

  • Water FRCC highly recommends bringing two quarts (two to three liters) of water.
  • Food (snacks/lunch) Along with the water, keeping your body fueled throughout your trip lets you focus on climbing and not your stomach. Food a simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to high tech energy bars will keep you going throughout your trip.
  • Small backpack – A small backpack allows you to carry your food, water, and other items you need for the day. A backpack versus a handbag lets you freely use your hands while moving around the climbing areas.
  • Sneakers/Approach Shoes/Chaco Sandals ™ Most of the climbing areas require a slight hike from the parking area to reach your climbs. FRCC suggests a pair of sturdy sneakers, approach shoes, or Chacos™ to safely get you to the climbs. You can call our office or ask your guide if your footwear is appropriate for your climbing destination.
  • Sunscreen – the sun can be intense at all of our climbing locations. FRCC recommends bringing sunscreen to prevent sunburns and other potential sun related issues.
  • Sunglasses [optional] – Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the sun throughout the day.
  • Camera [optional] – Pictures help you remember your trip. If you have a camera, bring it along and snap away.
  • Rain jacket – Summer thunderstorms can occur at any time in Colorado. A light rain jacket keeps you dry in the event of rain.